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Health Centre.

Ikot Ayam Itam

IAF help fund this village health facility

First Day Open

Patients in the waiting room

Much needed healthcare without having to travel to a main city

Nursing Angels

Save Lives

Mark greets the nurses at Ikot

Dirt Roads

to Ikot

Roads to the area are hazardous and liable to flooding

Indoneyin Trust


What is the 'Indoneyin' Trust?

The Indoneyin Trust was officially set up in January 2010; its mission was to help the people in the village of Ikot Ayan Itam. The Indoneyin Trust’s main objectives are to alleviate poverty, promote sustainable development and help in the relief of sickness and the preservation of health.

The village of Ikot Ayan Itam, with a population of some 10,000, lies between Uyo, the State capital of Akwa Ibom and Itu, which borders River Crossing State. It is tropical, hot and humid. There are no shops and, until now, no health facilities.

To help the Indoneyin Trust to achieve its objectives the IAF had a long-standing vision to build a small cottage hospital, or health centre, in Ikot, specialising in maternity care and to provide clean running water available to all the villagers.

The health centre itself was completed by July 2018, and was ready for a grand opening. About 250 villagers and VIPs took part. Mark Leakey, IAF representative was there to help prepare for the opening and to attend the ceremony. 

The health centre currently runs as a private sector charitable organisation. The intent is to hand a fully functional organisation to the government to achieve long term sustainability. 



By 2016 sufficient funds had been raised to start building. Mark Leakey, IAF Representative for Africa, travelled to the village in November 2016 to assist with setting up the project and the commencement of the build and to establish relationships.

Mark returned to the village in February 2018 to assist in managing the final stages of the build, also procuring equipment and meeting with local health officials. 

A hospital needs a source of clean water to operate efficiently, as well as providing drinking water for staff and patients. IAF funded the drilling of a borehole which was completed in 2018.

The water from the Borehole also provides free drinking water to the villagers available from taps in the security wall.

Like many areas of Nigeria there can be unrest. For reasons of safety it was necessary to enclose the centre within a safety wall. IAF contributed towards funding to build the wall, which was completed in 2018.

IAF sponsored a maternity ward within the hospital, providing one of the only locations where impending mothers can go to give birth in safety and in private. The maternity unit was also opened in July 2018 and one week later the first baby was delivered. IAF also help fund doctors, nurses and equipment for the facility.

Future Needs

Completion of the health centre building and grounds is essential in order to obtain the required registration with the local health authorities.

Infrastructure needs include an incinerator, a room for a guard and a staff kitchen. Local sources for more equipment, and a hospital vehicle still have to be found. Robust local management and leadership are key to ensuring the long-term sustainability of the project.