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What is the 'Emma' Trust?

The Emma Trust based in Raichur is a charity founded in 2015

The Vision Statement of the EMMA TRUST is 'Working mutually with the community to develop the quality of life'.  Its initial aims were to set up learning centres for poor under-privileged and disabled children, to this end they established the Hannah Day Care Centre Creche in Raichur and a Sunday School in Sidrampur.

The Emma Trust also had a vision to teach underprivileged young people essential computer skills to enable them to find their first job (more details below).

IAF has supported the EMMA TRUST since 2015 by providing some financial support for the Creche and Sunday School and setting up the IT classroom. IAF are committed to supporting and maintaining the IT classroom and to ensure the equipment continues to serve its purpose for the future.



In the Autumn of 2017, the vision of teaching young people computer skills became a reality when the Emma Trust, with the help of IAF, set up their new IT centre to provide IT knowledge to poor post college students to provide them with sought-after IT skills and arrange employment opportunities for them. The IT classroom has been very successful helping to educate young people and enable them to gain employment.

The building in central Raichur consists of a good sized room which is the IT centre, a bedroom, a dining room and kitchen and a central function area for events and classes.

As well as computer lessons, the Emma Trust also run sessions for other subjects to help children and young people with their studies at school or college. These course are open to all genders and provide up to date instruction to exam level. The HQ provides a perfect setting for courses, events or general fellowship for friends.

One of the biggest obstacles to young women learning is looking after children. The Emma Trust has solved this by setting up the Hannah Day Cay Centre, a creche for pre-school children, freeing up mothers to study and improve their prospects.
IAF has help to set up a Sunday School for children of all ages. This provides both educational instruction and physical activities, as well as Christian religious knowledge. It gives busy parents a break to attend worship, or to catch up with life.