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Our Partners

The Organisations We Work Alongside


Neerekshe Trust - INDIA

Personal friendships reach back thirty years with the Patriarch of this official Indian Charity. Twenty years ago a small crèche was started in his ancestral home, in the village of Muranpur, Karnataka and Neerekshe (Hope) was formed. Muranpur lies in a drought prone area and malnutrition, poor health and education were the primary needs.

Since that initial step in faith Neerekshe now has plot of land on which they have a school, a hostel for boys and girls, a Rural Industrial Training facility, a small primary care hospital, a Parish Centre, a ‘cottage garden’ and agricultural facilities. Neerekshe has reached out to many other surrounding villages but there is still a ‘Cowshed Church’ in the ancestral home in Muranpur, where the creche and Neerekshe started, although the cows are now permanently removed!!

The IAF has been involved in all of these projects to a greater or lesser degree and more information of this involvement can be found here...

Emma Trust

The Emma Trust based in Raichur is a charity founded in 2015, it’s initial aims were to set up learning centres for poor under-privileged and disabled children, they established the Hannah Day Care Centre Creche in Raichur and a Sunday School in Sidrampur.

In the Autumn of 2017, the Emma Trust branched out with IAF support to provide IT knowledge to poor post college students to provide them with sought-after IT skills and arrange employment opportunities for them. More...

The Fishermen Trust, TFT

The Fishermen Trust is a Christian Charity based in Bangalore supporting underprivileged and marginalised young people by providing Adventure camps and outdoor activities that empower each young person to realise what they can achieve and to raise their self esteem. IAF partnered  TFT between 2013-17, funding a toilet and shower block for their permanent campsite and providing funding towards the cost of canoes. IAF has no current projects with TFT.

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)


In response to the ever-increasing numbers of victims of rape, Claudaline Mukanirwa, a then pastor’s wife in Goma, in the then diocese of Bukavu, DRC, formed Action Salutaire pour le Développment Intégral de Goma (ASDIG), a registered NGO, in 2006. This was funded from profits from her small tailoring business; the aim was to bring hope to rape victims by teaching them tailoring and dress making skills. Thus began Project ‘Hope’.

Later she began feeding many malnourished children – the product of the rape pandemic. In 2010 she started a school, ‘Tumaini’, for the poorest unschooled children. Later she started a separate agricultural initiative in Kalehe –‘Stand Up Women’. These projects are based in the area of Lake Kivu, in the eastern part of the DRC. More...



Members of IAF were supportive of the aims of the Indoneyin Trust as early as 2004 when an initial scoping trip was made to the village. The Indoneyin Trust was set up in January 2010 to help the people in the village of Ikot Ayan Itam, in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria the home village of a member of St Peter’s Church Farnborough and of his sister Helen Ntukidem, a retired UK nurse, who had a long-standing vision for a small health centre in the village where she was born.  The Trust’s main objectives are to alleviate poverty, promote sustainable development and help in the relief of sickness and the preservation of health.

IAF has partnered with the Indoneyin Trust to provide a Health Centre in the village and free accessible water for all the villagers. More...